Whenever people go out for a vacation or a trip, the majority of the people take tons of luggage including clothes and many other devices that dont have any use or sometimes very little use during the entire journey. Here in this article, we will mention 5 important devices you need for your trip if you are a job seeker.


We always carry smartphones in our pockets. Not only just because they help us connect with the world but also because of another number of benefits that we get from our smartphones including capturing pictures and videos, audio and video calls etc.

Portable mobile chargers

You may miss an important phone call if you are having no power or very little power. As mentioned above smartphones are very important when you are travelling. Therefore, you must carry a portable mobile charger with you so that you can charge your phone when it runs out of battery

Noise cancelling headphones

Your trip may get noisy in some cases. You need to have noisecancelling headphones into your bag pack so that they can help you relax while during your trip. You can also relax by listening to some music during the trip.

Portable hard / USB drive

When you are on a trip, you may need a portable hard drive or a USB to travel some amount of important data from one place to another. then carrying a USB or a portable Drive will help you a lot in this case.

A smart suitcase

Weather is not always in your favour. It is possible that you might face a storm or rain in the middle of your trip. In that case, having a smart waterproof suitcase will help you protect your belongings.


You must carry only the important things in your bag pack while travelling and try your best to keep your luggage as lightweight as possible. When it comes to travelling, you might need a car to travel from one place to another. if you are a job seeker or you have to appear for an interview, and you are under 25 years old, then under 25 car rental is the best option for you.


Job Seeking Websites

Following are few best job seeking websites to find your dream job.

· Indeed

· Jooble

· Careerjet


Indeed is an American platform that is used to search jobs worldwide, and it acts as a search engine for jobs. If you want to become an employer you have to create an account of employer type. If you want to get hired, you have to sign up as a job seeker.


Jooble works in the same way as indeed or any other job platforms and provides its services worldwide. Here you register as a job seeker if you want to get hired or you can become an employer if you want to hire someone for you.


Careerjet is a job search engine designed to make the process of finding a job on the internet easier for the user.